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Feel Good Founders 

Group Coaching Programme

​For a happier, healthier biz-life

~ Grow an enjoyable and sustainable business that puts you and your wellbeing first ~

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Are you ready for more fulfilment, joy and wellbeing in your life?

You've come to the right place.

Here you'll find learning, knowledge and support so you can reconnect to yourself, thrive, flourish and nurture your inner spark

How I can help you thrive...

Hello I'm Lisa

I'm a learning and development consultant and qualified coach and I'm here to help you learnreconnect with yourself, prioritise your wellbeing and adopt a more positive mindset so you can create more meaning and joy in your life.

I'm also a mum. I love all things nature and a good cup of tea. I left my corporate career after nearly 18 years after being burnt out from trying to do everything. Now I live and run my business intentionally, with me, my family and our wellbeing at the heart.


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