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Corporate Coaching

Hello there

I'm Lisa, nice to meet you


As a career development and leadership coach I help organisations to support, enable and retain leaders and talent. 

I support people to step up, own their talents and move forward with confidence and impact.

People I work with typically include:

- leaders and executives

- early/emerging talent

- newly appointed leaders/managers

- female talent

- diverse talent

- maternity returners

- employees needing support with their wellbeing, experiencing stress or burnout

How I can help your team thrive...

Specialist expertise

I’ve been working as a qualified professional coach since 2014 and I’ve been in the corporate world a lot longer (18+ years). My background in Human Resources, Recruitment and Learning & Development brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in how to help people grow, develop, reach their potential and set themselves achievable and sustainable goals.

I love helping people to feel and perform at their best and wellbeing is really important to me. I work with clients holistically and whilst corporate coaching is the focus, we'll touch on all aspects of life and work. 


I have regular coaching supervision to continually build my coaching practice for my clients. I’m really curious and I never stop learning new things, all of which I’ll pass onto you. 


Why work with me?

I've worked in HR, recruitment and talent development roles for nearly 20 years - my roles have included all aspects of career development from attraction, onboarding, performance, learning, coaching, feedback, engagement, culture, reward and retention.


I've worked within the public, private and charity sectors. I have led teams of talented people and I have delivered large scale projects and programmes. I have worked both in-house and as a self-employed consultant. 

Helping people grow, prioritise their wellbeing, shift their mindset and reach their full potential to create more joyful lives is my super power.

I care about my clients and their wellbeing is my first priority. I know the pressures the modern world puts clients under and I'm experienced in helping people navigate work-life balance. 

Every client is different and I'll adapt my coaching to suit their needs. I'm experienced in different coaching methods and tools so you can expect an experience that's tailored and bespoke.

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