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Feel Good Founders ™️


A supportive 6 month programme for female founders - to readjust your life and business before you burn-out. This programme will show you how to take a radically different approach - to run your business in harmony with who you are, and your current season of life.

Next cohort begins: 18th September 2024

Flower Field

​Did you know that 75% of founders experience occasional or frequent burnout, 48% struggle with the high expectations of being a business owner, 44% experience high stress, and 37% experience anxiety?

If you’re a female business owner who loves your business and the work you do, who has poured yourself, your time, energy and money into your business in recent years and you’ve sacrificed you and your wellbeing in order to do so, then you’re not alone. 


Maybe you’re juggling family, caring, conflicting demands, perimenopause or other health issues which have left you exhausted. There’s simply not much time left to take care of you and do the things you know keep you physically and mentally well.

In the last 10 years there has been a surge of women, like you, who have left the corporate world and set up their own businesses as female founders. The reasons for this cultural and economic shift are far reaching but put simply, many women found that the corporate world couldn’t give them what they needed, so they set out on their own path.


Women aren’t giving up their ambitions, they’ve thrown themselves into their businesses to follow their passions and find the flexibility and freedom they were looking for.


But for many women this has come at a personal cost…

You left the corporate world to do your own thing, to have more freedom and flexibility, and get out of the box you no longer fit into. You set out with an ambition to do more of the work you love, less of the work you don’t, to have full autonomy and to be more you. But you’re still you, your old habits have followed and the way you’re working isn’t working.  You know it's time to readjust and make this work for you before you burn-out and have to give up your precious business which you’ve worked so hard to get to the point it’s at.

You're always switched on, always thinking about your business. The mental load is real.


You’re wondering how you can continue, owning the uncertainty and risk of being a business owner, and also easing the mental and emotional burden the journey takes…

Feel Good Founders

  Is this you?  

  • You’ve followed your dreams at the expense of your wellbeing - you’re overwhelmed and regularly feel you’re on the edge of burnout

  • You procrastinate and don’t make the most efficient use of your time

  • You’re a crap boss to yourself - in the corporate world you wanted to work for a supportive and compassionate leader, but you’re not being that person for yourself

  • Your creative ideas aren’t coming when you need them

  • You have so much to offer; your experience, strengths, talents, passion, drive and determination. This is what people come to you for. But underneath it all you’re struggling with people pleasing, perfectionism and lack of boundaries

  • You expect too much from yourself, you doubt yourself, imposter syndrome rears its head often, your inner critic can be LOUD and mean, and you really struggle to put yourself first

  • You’re too exhausted for self-care at the end of the day

  • You know what you need to do to look after yourself, you're just not doing it. You’re into self-development so you’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, you even help other people with this stuff. But there's a part of you that ignores and overrides your basic needs in favour of just keeping going

  • The irony is, you also know that when don’t look after yourself, you get anxious and overwhelmed, you feel like you’re not coping very well, and your inner critic gets louder and meaner. A vicious cycle

  • You work sporadic hours - yes in theory it’s flexible, you can pick and choose when you work and when you don’t, and you can be there for school pickups and plays, you love not having to put requests in for annual leave, but it’s not consistent - some weeks you wonder how school pickup time has come round so quickly, and some weeks you’re logged on late into the evening or at weekend

  • Your mind is always switched on, you’re not as present as you want to be with your family

  • You’re struggling to make confident decisions


There’s so much support out there for business, marketing and strategy, but it’s the emotional and psychological support you’re missing. Your emotional and psychological state is the biggest contributor to your businesses success. The magic is that focusing on this means your business thrives as a result.

Flower Field

  Drop your shoulders, breathe, and take a pause  



  • Having a business that supports your wellbeing rather than depleting it

  • Feeling energised, joyful and excited about your business again

  • Feeling revitalised and getting your spark back

  • Feeling more confident in your decision making

  • Trusting yourself in your business

  • Reconnecting with yourself, your mission and purpose

  • Feeling creatively inspired again

  • Making money in a way that is easeful for you

  • Taking the heavy burden of guilt, musts and shoulds off your back

  • Having more S P A C E - in your work-week, in your head, in your schedule,in your life

  • Being able to fully enjoy your life and work


Prioritising your wellbeing will be the best business decision you ever make.


This programme will support you to take a radically different approach, even if you can’t imagine that yet and don’t know how you’ll get started.


This isn’t just about self-care (though we’ll definitely cover that), it’s about transforming your life and business. In this programme I will help you shift your mindset and change your outlook. I’ll support you to let go of your conditioning and fiercely put you and your wellbeing front and centre. 

Feel Good Founders
Client Case Study

Claire, Founder of a Leadership Development Consultancy in London came to me struggling with anxiety and imposter syndrome that was impacting her sleep, her work and leaving her feeling exhausted. This coupled with being a working mum and going through Perimenopause meant her wellbeing wasn't in the best place.


Claire is incredibly driven in her business, she pushes herself to perform highly, and she's won an accolade of awards for her work, but this has come at the expense of her own wellbeing, often pushing herself past her limits and putting the needs of everyone else before her own. She realised this wasn't healthy, enjoyable or sustainable and she needed to make some changes to alter this way of being.

After working together for 3 months 1:1, Claire immediately signed up to work with me for a further 3 months.

Here's what Claire said about her experience:

"It's been so valuable, I'm feeling so much better physically, mentally and emotionally. I have more time to focus on the right things, I'm making more considered choices and I'm feeling much more balanced. My anxiety, sleep and imposter syndrome is much better and I'm in a really good place. I know other coaches and consultants working in the wellbeing space but I really connected with you and your approach. You're incredibly supportive, inspiring, warm and I love the way you communicate and hold space. I would highly recommend coaching with you. The impact it's had on my wellbeing, my thinking and my approach to life and work has really helped me to make positive lifestyle and behaviour changes. It's been the perfect blend of time out, slowing down, inspirating conversation, encouragement, resources and the right amount of challenge and accountability. It's been incredible having you by my side on this journey".

This is for you if...

  • You’re a solo business owner who has been in business for 2+ years and you want to run your business in harmony with who you are, and your current season of life

  • You're a Female: Founder, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Freelancer or Side Hustler

  • You're a senior leader in a business who wants to take a different approach to your job so that it supports rather than depletes your wellbeing (this program is just as applicable to senior leaders in organisations as it is to solopreneurs/business owners)

  • Maybe you’ve had some financial success, or maybe you’re not yet making what you’d hoped - either way with the amount of time and energy you’re expending, you’re questioning if it’s actually worth it

  • You love your business and the work you do, you put so much time and effort into your client work and trying to make your business profitable, but it’s at the expense of your own wellbeing

  • Time for you is limited, you somehow end up being at the bottom of your priority list

  • You often wonder if you should give up the emotional and financial roller coaster. Your hopes and dreams feel in the balance but you really believe in what you do and you’d love to make it work better for you


  It IS possible to feel joy, connection and balance in your business journey  

  It is possible to make empowered choices and be the leader you and your   business needs   


Now you've been in business a couple of years and you've invested so much time, energy and money in making it work, it's come at the expense of your own wellbeing. I'm going to help you figure out what your ideal work-life blend looks and feels like, being really honest about what's possible for you in your current reality/season of life, and how to be the compassionate self-leader your business needs so that you can make this work for the long term.  This programme is dedicated time for you, every month to pause, step off the treadmill for a while and recalibrate. It's your place to come and take off that heavy load you're carrying, take off the mask you show to the world and take a deep breath.  ​I'll teach you about key concepts such as self-leadership, working with your nervous system, understanding your own personal seasons and cycles and how they affect you and your business, nurturing your mind and body from the inside out, different ways to manage your energy and productivity, and burnout prevention. These are important skills, habits and behaviours that you can use long after the programme has ended. ​I'll hold a safe and nurturing space for you to be seen, heard, validated, learn and actually put into place healthier habits and coping mechanisms. I’ll shine a light for you and will gently hold you accountable. We’ll work together to meet you exactly where you’re at and we’ll build from there. The community aspect to the group programme means you’ll connect with other women in a similar position. We’ll be there for each other, cheer each other on, share the highs and lows of the journey and build each other up. Together we’ll make the entrepreneurial journey more human. I'll also share monthly ideas, inspiration, practices, rituals, recipes, guided meditations and guest speaker sessions for you to access at your own pace.  Your to-do list will always be there, your sanity won't.  ​In the corporate days you wanted to work for an inspiring and caring leader who you could trust and who had your back. Who understood that life comes first and work comes second. It’s time to be that leader for yourself…it’s time to do business differently.


Monthly group coaching

Over 6 months we’ll explore 6 different themes, each one building on the last. 

Sessions will start with a guided breathwork or meditation practice to help you feel calm and grounded, a check-in on how you are, some teaching from me about the topic for that month, followed by group coaching so you can apply the learning to you personally. You can expect encouragement, inspiration, guidance and accountability.

You’re going to learn about:

Month 1: Welcome, intention setting and reconnecting to your feel good business vision

Month 2: Feel Good Founder principles

Month 3: Understanding your energy and productivity cycles

Month 4: Founder pitfalls and how to manage them

Month 5: Building habits for success

Month 6: Developing your inner-leader and moving forward

Feel Good Founder Workshops

As well as the monthly group coaching sessions there’ll be workshops (some live, some recorded) where either myself or a trusted partner will deliver a session on additional topics to help you thrive. The exact workshop topics will vary (TBC for September) but you can expect things like: ~ Nutrition ~ Seasonal Wellbeing ~ Yoga & Meditation ~ Positive Psychology approach to Productivity ~ Systems and processes for success ~ Facial massage techniques You will also have access to recordings of workshops from previous cohorts of the programme in the Resource Library so you will have access to every workshop topic we've ever covered! ~ Member site When you join, you’ll get access to the member site where you’ll be able to access a wealth of learning materials and resources to get you started. Each month there’ll be new resources released to support you through the 6 month journey. You’ll find workbooks, activities, recipe ideas, guided meditations, breathwork exercises, self-care inspiration and other tips, tricks and ideas. ~ Community A place where members can come, learn, share, give and receive support

FGF curriculum.jpg
FGF curriculum.png
Client Case Study

Diana, an infant feeding coach and baby massage practitioner came to me for support with her own wellbeing whilst working in her corporate job, and setting up her own business on the side. She knew that to be in a good place to start and grow her business and give so much to others, she needed to focus more on putting herself first and working on her self-belief, mindset and finding time for her own nourishment and joy. Diana had a tendency to overthink, to ruminate and to doubt herself and her abilities. We spent the first 3 sessions helping Diana build self-awareness, build her confidence and self-esteem, and put into place supportive practices to help her thrive. The next 3 sessions were focussed on her business, making sure that from the start she was in a good headspace to make decisions and plans, see clearly and create a business that was on her terms, that aligned with her life and values, that put her wellbeing first, that made money, that she could do from anywhere and focussed on her passions and what brought her joy. She wanted to find the courage and resilience to do this.

Here's what Diana said about her experience:

"I'm not ruminating or overthinking. I'm looking after my own needs now, I'm not taking on too much, I'm holding boundaries and being kinder to myself. I trust my own thinking and decisions, and I believe I'm really good at what I do. I have a sense of harmony and joy. I've understood and processed a lot in terms of my back story and experiences, which was been very cathartic and has freed up space for me to move forwards. I've got so much from being able to bounce business ideas around with you, getting your recommendations and ideas, this has been really useful. I'm much more positive, accountable and I'm able to make plans and keep track without feeling overwhelmed. You've taught me valuable strategies to help myself keep moving forwards and not get stuck going round in circles. I feel very happy and in a really good place. Your style is calm and not intrusive, but you asked some hard questions that helped me to properly reflect and gain perspective. You met me where I was at and created a safe space for me to go at my own pace, I never felt rushed. Working with you has made such a difference to my wellbeing, I am calm, resilient and optimistic


Image by Patrick

I’m walking alongside you on this journey. I myself am a female founder with young kids with complex needs. I know how challenging it can be to grow a business you love, build in the flexibility you need to be the parent you want and need to be, and to prioritise your wellbeing. I have almost 20 years professional experience as a learning consultant and coach, and I’ve been through burnout in the past. I have amassed a wealth of knowledge on how to keep myself well on the founder roller coaster, and help other people with this.

I work no more than 20-25 hours a week, I take the majority of school holidays off, I’ve matched my old corporate salary and I have plenty of time and space for rest, nourishment, nature and joy, during the day each week.


I’ve built my business around mine and my family’s wellbeing and our current season of life - meaning I’m there for my kids, I share drop offs and pickups with my husband and we don’t use wrap around school care. One of my kids is neurodiverse and needs more support and care than your average kid of the same age. I have flexibility in my work day to be there when needed, to attend school meetings and trips, to start work late if it’s been a tricky morning and I need to tend to our nervous systems.

This programme is different from any other business programme out there, the focus is on you and not your business, but the magic is that your business will thrive as a result. Your emotional and psychological state is the biggest contributor to your businesses success. In order to thrive you need a really strong foundation in yourself.

In this programme I weave together self-leadership, positive psychology, mindset, seasonal living, nature connection, your own personal seasons and cycles of life, energy management, working with your nervous system - as well as helping you with imposter syndrome, people pleasing, boundaries, anti-burnout tactics and support with the other things that are holding you back.


With this knowledge you’ll be able to do less, not more, and focus on the things that really matter.


To bring more ease, joy, simplicity and space. 

You won't find everything that's included in this programme anywhere else. It's a culmination of my many years of professional experience, my qualifications and my personal lived experience.

Feel Good Founders


I'm going to be bold here. I'm really good at what I do. I firmly believe my offer is unique and offers a huge return on your investment through the transformation I'll provide.  I've supported hundreds of clients to understand themselves deeply, be the best they can be, achieve personal and professional dreams and goals, whilst prioritising themselves and finding time for balance, rest and enjoyment. I’ve been working as a qualified professional coach for 10 years and I’ve been in the corporate world a lot longer (20 years). My background in Human Resources, Recruitment and Learning & Development brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in how to help people grow, develop, reach their potential and set themselves achievable and sustainable goals.​ The combination of: ~ my lived experience and in-depth knowledge of wellbeing, seasonal living and personal development ~ my 20 year career in educating and coaching people in the corporate world to be their best ~ the leadership positions I have held in the corporate world - growing, developing, inspiring and motivating talented teams ~ the extensive coaching qualifications, training and CPD I have undertaken. I have completed an ILM5 qualification in Coaching and Mentoring, an ILM7 qualification in Executive and Leadership Coaching which is the highest level of coaching qualification you can get ~ I also have qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (at master practitioner level), positive psychology, psychometrics, a Chartered Institute of Personnel Development higher diploma, and a BSc Hons degree in Business and Human Resource Management ~ My coaching accreditation with the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) at Senior Practitioner level which recognises my in-depth qualifications and the many hours of coaching practice I have undertaken. This is renewed and revalidated annually.​ My personal values are: ​​Deep connection - to myself, to others and to nature ​Growth - supporting myself and others to learn, develop, gain knowledge and be inspired ​Wellbeing - supporting myself and others to nourish our mind, body & spirit, find joy, balance and a sense of wellbeing, feeling content, healthy, self-assured and confident ​Achievement - living a meaningful life, redefining my own version of success, aligning my life and business to my values and helping others to do the same ​Adventure - trying new things, being curious, having fun, creativity, willingness to take risks, being courageous, freedom and autonomy My strengths are: Kindness, nurturing, curiosity, compassion, calmness, deep listening, encouraging, positive, supportive, gently challenging, intuitive & thoughtful My passions are: ​Supporting, guiding and inspiring others to find their own version of fulfilment and joy, using seasonal living and nature to boost our health and wellbeing and guide us through the seasons of our own lives ​This powerful blend gives me what I call my superpowers. My magic. And I bring all of this all to my clients through the work I do.



  • A welcome gift

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire and wellbeing audit, giving you immediate feedback on the areas of focus for you

  • 6 x monthly group coaching sessions (delivered live, recorded and added to the members area to watch back)

  • 6 x monthly Feel Good Founder workshops

  • Lifetime access to the members area with resources, workbooks, videos and guidance to work through at your own pace

  • Additional monthly resources released to support you through the 6 month journey. You’ll find workbooks, activities, recipe ideas, guided meditations, breathwork exercises, self-care inspiration and other tips, tricks and ideas

  • Lifetime access to an online community where members will be supported, guided, share challenges, progress and cheer each other on


PRICE - £150 per month
or £900 if paid in full

** Early bird offer - receive a free 1:1 coaching session with me at the start of the programme, worth £165. Join the waitlist to be the first to hear when the Early bird offer is live **


* Optional add-ons: additional 1:1 coaching sessions can be purchased ad-hoc.

Client Case Study

Michele, a senior leader in banking came to me when she was going through some major life challenges; she was being made redundant, her husband was having an operation after being diagnosed with cancer, and Michele was also supporting her grown up kids who were living at home. She was feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and in her words 'I was all over the place and was running around like a headless chicken!'. Michele recognised she'd been coping ok under the circumstances but the cracks were beginning to show and she couldn't continue with the level of stress she felt. She had no time for herself and wasn't doing much to support her wellbeing. She needed support to tackle each challenge one by one, create some supportive habits, and a plan to help her long term.

Here's what Michele said about her experience:

"Coaching has given me peace of mind, you can't put a price on that! I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for coaching. It's completely changed my perspective and outlook on life. When we started working together I was dealing with so much, I had a lot of worry and emotionally I'd hit a wall. Coaching gave me the time and space to unplug and do a lot of much needed reflection. I was so muddled before and I didn't know where to start. Now I know what I want to achieve, I have a plan and I'm looking forward to the journey. I've learnt so much about myself and what I need to look after myself and put myself first. Coaching is intangible, there's not something I can see or pick up, it's how I feel inside and how much more focussed I am. My self-esteem was at rock bottom and you've helped me build my confidence. I even asked for more money when I was offered a new job and got £7k more, I'd never have done that before working with you! It's been a real turning point. It's been pivotal and empowering, I've grown in a lot of ways and I've

got my mojo back. As a coach you've been supportive, non-judgemental, offered insights, questions, gentle challenge and accountability. Working with you has been transformational, I've had a huge internal shift in terms of my outlook, challenges and stressors".

Flower Field

If your current business path doesn't bring you peace, doesn't make you come alive, and doesn't fill you with the excitement, joy or fulfilment you're looking for, it's time to connect with your own unique ideas of how you want to work and live, and to forge a new path. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

If you’re sat there wanting to say yes but you're struggling to allow yourself to prioritise this for yourself and for your business, let me tell you this…


I wholeheartedly believe that by putting ourselves first and prioritising our wellbeing, the benefits ripple out into all areas of our lives and enable us to operate at a higher level.


The best functioning version of yourself will be more creative, more adventurous and make better decisions. You’ll be more successful and have the ability to make more money.


Without you, there is no business.


Prioritising your wellbeing will be the best commercial decision you ever make.

Join today.


If you’d like to chat and ask me any other questions you have, you can book in a 30 minute discovery call below.

Feel Good Founders
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