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Ensure your people enjoy better work lives and wellbeing, improve your culture, develop and retain your talent

Corporate Training and Consultancy

Workshops and training programmes that create space for learning, reflection and action for positive change to take place.


The topics I teach and coach on relate to:



Career Development

Personal effectiveness


People and relationship skills (sometimes known as soft skills)

When people are able to do these things well they feel good, they're engaged, resilient, collaborative and ultimately their performance and impact is greater. This is mutually beneficial for both employees, the business and the communities and clients served. 


These skills can be learned, developed and honed. This is where I come in and is the reason I specialise in these areas.

Over my career I have led, developed and coached new and established teams and leaders to enhance their wellbeing, effectiveness, credibility, relationships and ultimately impact in their personal and business life.

I have worked with clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and I understand the unique setup, strengths and challenges faced in organisations.


Workshops that are designed and ready to go.

I will meet with you before the training is delivered so I can understand more about your people, culture, mission, values, leadership, environment, challenges and business objectives. This is so that I can tailor my delivery to suit your audience. 


* please note if you'd like the training to be specific to your organisation or include your branding, tone of voice, language and reference your organisational initiatives, this will fall under bespoke training as you'll need a learning needs analysis and design time. After an initial chat with you I can send a proposal for this.

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2.5 hours

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1/2 day

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1/2 day

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1/2 day

Staff wellbeing and business outcomes are intrinsically linked. This course will introduce you to the benefits of focussing on your wellbeing, steps you can take to look after yourself, mindfulness and how you can practice it in busy modern life. It will focus on ways to integrate mindful awareness into every day practice and you’ll practice breathing techniques, journaling and meditation.

The only constant in life and business is change. We're living through changing and challenging times that can test our resilience levels.

This session will help you to understand resilience, how to develop it and learn techniques to help you through changes and 

This session will help you understand stress and burnout, explore your own experiences, identify your personal sources of stress and their impact and develop a range of coping strategies that can help you and others.


We'll then move on to look at how you can find more balance in your life, along with tools and techniques you can rely on.

Confidence is the key to dreaming big, stepping up,  speaking up and taking brave and courageous action. So many of us lack the confidence to do these things.


This session will help you understand confidence and what affects it, develop different ways of thinking,  and learn the tools and strategies to help you thrive and take confident action.

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1/2 day

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1/2 day

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1/2 day

Image by Giulia Bertelli


1 day

The way you communicate, listen to and understand others is vital in the workplace.


This session will help you to understand yours and other people's communication styles, how to communicate with impact, how get your message across and how  listen effectively.

 This session will introduce you to the value of engaging in feedback, explore the skills and behaviours needed, give you some tools and models that can improve the quality of feedback, look at barriers that can get in the way and how you can overcome these. We'll focus on both positive and constructive feedback.

In work and life, we are all more effective if we have the skills and confidence to have difficult (courageous) conversations.

This session will help you build confidence, identify and overcome the barriers to these types of conversation and learn how to prepare for, hold and follow up on challenging conversations to make sure you get the outcome you desire.

Compassionate leadership is having the courage to lead with heart, humanity and humility.


If you care about how people feel when they come to work, you want people to enjoy the work they do and create a culture where everyone can thrive and be their authentic selves, this course is for you.


It's not about shying away from hard things, it's about doing hard things with heart.

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1 day

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1 day

Image by Javier Allegue Barros
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1/2 day


1/2 day

As a leader the impact you have on your team is undeniable. You have the power to inspire, motivate and drive performance and change.


This session will help you to understand your unique leadership style, your strengths, your personal brand and learn how to motivate, inspire and have the impact you desire on those around you.

By understanding yourself on a much deeper level, you create a better relationship with yourself and those around you.

This session will help you identify your values, strengths, drivers and motivations, and how you can use these to enhance your career.

This session will help you assess where you're spending your time, learn how to manage your time, be more effective, manage competing priorities, build confidence in renegotiating deadlines and saying no, along with giving you some time management and productivity tools and techniques. 

An introduction to coaching, and how to use it to empower others, help them to grow, motivate them and create better relationships and  engagement.

Go away with the tools, models, behaviours and skills to effectively and confidently coach others, whether it's formally or within your every day conversations.

School Children


2.5 hours

Is pupil wellbeing high on your agenda? This course will introduce school staff to the benefits of wellbeing in the classroom including; emotional awareness, resilience and mindfulness. It will focus on ways to integrate mindful awareness into the classroom, examine where wellbeing sits within the ethos of a whole school approach and give a taster of useful exercises to take back to the classroom.

Prices start from £450 and vary depending on duration, location and number of delegates.


Workshops can be delivered virtually or in-person. Virtual sessions are usually capped at 90 minutes to maximise focus and attention. Sessions can be shortened or delivered over 2 x sessions virtually.

T&C's apply.


Please get in touch for a quote.​

I offer reduced rates for the public sector and not-for-profit organisations.



Learning that is designed and tailored bespoke to your organisation.

I will meet with you to understand more about your requirements and to scope out how we will work together. I will go away and create a proposal for you to consider. 

Usually projects involve me completing a learning needs analysis, understanding your people, culture, mission, values, leadership, environment, challenges and business objectives. 


Learning is designed specific to your organisation and can include your branding, tone of voice, language and reference your organisational initiatives/other learning programmes.


I can be involved in scoping, design, delivery, upskilling your existing team, evaluation or the full learning cycle.


Sessions can take the form of workshops, full programmes, action learning sets, group coaching.


1:1 coaching sessions can also form part of the delivery.

Why work with me?


I’ve been working as a senior learning and development specialist and coach  in the corporate world for 18+ years. My background in Human Resources, Recruitment and Learning & Development brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in how to help people grow, develop, reach their potential and set themselves achievable and sustainable goals. I love helping people to feel and perform at their best and wellbeing is really important to me. I'm experienced in delivering workshops and coaching on a range of subjects, but wellbeing, people and relationship skills are a passion of mine. That's why I started my business.

Every client is different. Whether you're choosing an off-the-shelf course or you want something more bespoke, I'll work with you to get a good understanding of your needs and adapt my approach to suit.


Outside of the workplace I have been practicing yoga and mindfulness for many years and I believe it's important we build practices into our daily lives help keep us mentally well and resilient. I've navigated burnout and overwhelm personally so I have my own personal lived experience. I'm learning all the time and I know the difference prioritising our own wellbeing can make to us and all of those around us.


I’m qualified and accredited with the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) at Senior Practitioner level.


I've studied extensively and my qualifications include:

- ILM7 Diploma in Executive Coaching

- ILM5 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring

- Chartered Institute of Personnel Development CIPD Postgraduate Diploma

- BSc Hons Degree in Business & Human Resource Management

- NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner

I take part in regular training and CPD. Recent ones include:

- Cognitive Behaviour Coaching

- Compassion Focussed Coaching

- Brene Brown Dare to Lead

- Resilience

- Mindfulness

- Breathwork, meditation and mindful movement facilitator training

- Trauma and stress recovery

- Yoga Nidra Facilitator

I have regular coaching supervision to continually build my practice for my clients and I engage in regular training to stay at the cutting edge of coaching practice. I’m really curious and I never stop reading and learning new things which I’ll passon to you.

My style

I'm knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic about what I do and the subjects I train which shine through into my sessions. I have a relaxed and calm style, I'm approachable and I make what can sometimes be difficult subjects accessible.

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