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Have you been going down a career path and you’ve stopped to wonder if it’s right for you? Are you stuck at a crossroads, unsure of which direction to take? Do you want to feel much more fulfilled and motivated in your career? Are you looking to improve the skills and behaviours that will help you excel at work? I can help you with my Career Coaching Programme.

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You're feeling stuck in your career, you've lost your work mojo and you're ready for a boost.

I will help you identify your personal values, strengths, abilities and work out your goals. Maybe you want to feel energised in your current role, get a promotion, move companies or do something completely different.


I'll help you work out your best steps to get where you want to be, believe in yourself, develop different perspectives, break through barriers that are holding you back and achieve the outcomes you're striving for. 

You’ll go away with the techniques and strategies unique to you, to ensure your career change is successful and sustainable.

Invest in yourself to make the change and have the impact you desire. 

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Before any coaching begins you'll have a free 30 minute consultation to explore what you'd like help with. We'll get to know each other, go through any questions you have and I'll talk you through how I can help you. If you decide to go ahead I'll go away and design a coaching programme tailored to your needs.

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Your coaching programme starts with a pre-coaching questionnaire followed by:

A 1 hour initial coaching session to uncover your story, where you are currently, explore what’s possible for you, clarify your goals and define what’s getting in your way.



Two 1 hour coaching sessions bespoke to your needs, to deep dive into the change you want to make, understand your inner world and emerge with the clarity and confidence to move forward.

The first session will be used to assess your strengths, talents, personality, purpose and what lights you up. The second session will be used to assess what's holding you back and how you can overcome, reframe and develop a positive mindset. 

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A 1 hour action planning session to define your personal action plan and how you’ll hold yourself accountable. 

You’ll go away with the techniques and strategies unique to you, to ensure your change is successful and sustainable. You'll be able to shine and have the impact you want to in the world. 

After our sessions, you will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise.

Included in this programme:

  • 4 hours 1:1 coaching.

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire and career audit

  • Follow up after each session with suggested activities specific to you, to complete in between 

  • Email support in between sessions (optional)

  • Post-coaching recommendations to keep you on track



We can discuss payment plans to suit your needs. 

Invest in yourself to make the change you desire.

I offer a 5% discount where payment for all sessions is made up-front.

Sessions can be held in the evening and weekends and I can offer some weekday slots too. Please contact me to discuss a timing for your sessions that suits you. 

Career breakthrough programme: Services
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I worked with Lisa over the course of 6 months as I was assessing career and development options and thinking through my career path options.


Lisa was supportive, candid and brought healthy debate to my decision making. We worked on identifying my strengths and articulating these as I was finding this difficult previously. I've recently got a promotion to a senior leadership position and I'm continuing to develop my career and thrive. Having Lisa to help me work through my options with an unbiased lens was invaluable, especially as I was going through my own personal challenges at home. My advice to anyone would be to invest the time in yourself as you'll never regret the possibilities this will create. 

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Image by Ainsley Myles


Having an independent person to talk through stuff and get a whole different perspective has been eye opening. The impact has surprised me. I've learnt something about myself in every session and it's been a positive experience. Our sessions felt comfortable and it was easy to open up. 

Our conversations have helped me understand the processes I go through, my patterns and the relationship issues that have affected me or given me certain beliefs. Now I know the root causes of my own self-critical thinking and my thoughts have been reframed. I'm easier on myself, have less negative thoughts and can get over things more easily. The most revealing thing has been how I hold onto past experiences. I was letting things from long ago affect me and this was affecting my every day functioning and seeping into everything I do.

My confidence has increased massively and this has been noticed by my family and colleagues, but mostly by myself. I truly believe in myself and I didn't before. It's been such a worthwhile experience, one that will be with me forever.

Empower and transform programme: About

Why work with me?

I've worked in HR, recruitment and talent development roles for nearly 20 years - my roles have included all aspects of career development from attraction, onboarding, performance, learning, coaching, feedback, engagement, culture, reward and retention.


I've worked within the public, private and charity sectors. I have led teams of talented people and I have delivered large scale projects and programmes. I have worked both in-house and as a self-employed consultant. 

Helping people grow, prioritise their wellbeing, shift their mindset and reach their full potential to create more joyful lives is my super power.


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