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Career breakthrough programme: Text
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This is for you if you have a desire to lead with confidence and create a truly thriving culture where you and your people can show up, feel fulfilled, do your best work, and ultimately impact personal and business success.

Your people need an inspiring and confident leader with a clear vision and plan, who can bring out the best in them and enable them to enjoy a happier, more fulfilled and productive working life.


I will help you align your unique values, strengths, purpose and personality to harness your authentic leadership style so you can  lead and communicate effectively, think strategically, inspire and motivate those around you - without changing who you are.

Leadership coaching will give you valuable time away from your busy schedule to pause, reflect, think about the impact you make, and the impact you want to make. You'll develop a deep understanding of yourself and your authentic leadership style, develop a positive leadership mindset and lead with courage and conviction. 

You'll go away with the techniques and strategies unique to you, to unlock your leadership potential

Career breakthrough programme: Text


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Career breakthrough programme: Services


Before any coaching begins you'll have a free 30 minute consultation to explore what you'd like help with. We'll get to know each other, go through any questions you have and I'll talk you through how I can help you. If you decide to go ahead I'll go away and design a coaching programme tailored to your needs.

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Your leadership coaching programme starts with an in-depth pre-coaching questionnaire to uncover your unique values, strengths and personality; followed by:


A 2 hour initial coaching session to go through your pre-coaching questionnaire and results in detail, uncover your leadership story, where you are currently, explore what’s possible for you, clarify your goals and define what’s getting in your way.



Four x 1.5 hour coaching sessions bespoke to your needs, to deep dive into the change you want to make, understand your inner world and emerge with the clarity and confidence to move forward.

Uncover how to be a confident and inspiring leader, create your vision and work through how you will bring out the best in people to enable them to enjoy a happier, more fulfilled and productive working life.

Use this time to reflect on the challenges you're facing, develop a positive leadership mindset, lead with courage and conviction and make better business decisions.


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A 1 hour action planning session to define your personal leadership action plan and how you’ll hold yourself accountable. 

You’ll go away with the techniques and strategies unique to you, to ensure your change is successful and sustainable. You'll be able to shine and have the impact you want to in the world. 

After our sessions, you will be a confident, impactful leader, able to lead and inspire your team.

Included in this programme:

  • 9 hours 1:1 coaching.

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire and leadership assessment

  • Bespoke follow up after each coaching session with suggested activities specific to you, to complete in between 

  • Email support in between sessions (optional)

  • Post-coaching recommendations to keep you on track

  • For every person who signs up to a programme I'll donate to plant a tree at Smithills Woodland Trust or the National Trust



We can discuss payment plans to suit your needs and spread the cost.

I offer a 5% discount where payment for all sessions is made up-front.

*I can invoice your organisation if this is being funded by them. Get in touch to chat if you need help putting together a business case to secure funding. I am experienced with procurement processes.

Career breakthrough programme: Services

Ways we can work together


In my garden summer house


Walking coaching



Sessions take place in my purpose built, garden summer house in Bolton.


A bright and cosy sanctuary to step away from it all, take time to yourself and feel nourished.

Includes herbal teas, calming music and 1:1 care and attention, nestled into my spacious garden with year round planting and interest. If the timing's right you can pick some fresh strawberries or take home a freshly laid egg from my resident chickens.

In a local nature spot in or around Bolton.


Research shows that being immersed in nature is good for our mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing.

We'll take a gentle stroll whilst talking and connecting with nature along the way.

We'll meet for an online video call, perfect for those who don't live nearby, or for anyone who prefers to talk from the comfort of their own space. 

If we're meeting online I'll send you my free guide on creating a cosy space from wherever you are, and I'll pop some herbal teas in the post for you.

*some clients choose to do a mix of in-person and walking sessions, or a mix of all three

Image by Ainsley Myles


Our coaching sessions have given me self-assurance and confidence. You helped me challenge my perceptions in how I come across as a leader.  The whole experience has been thought provoking and has encouraged me to be more curious. It's offered me a safe space to talk, examine situations and solutions, and rationally come to my own conclusion.


The coaching sessions have been a real confidence booster and a place to have some time out to think and reflect. It’s been a very rewarding process. 


A few words I'd use to describe the experience are supportive, insightful, encouraging and rewarding. I felt guided by you the whole time and you have a nice way with people. You're calm, relaxed, well prepared and showed an interest in me. I enjoyed working with you and I have a clear plan for going forward.

Empower and transform programme: About
Image by Ainsley Myles


I came to Lisa as I was experiencing terrible imposter syndrome since being promoted to an executive leadership role and trying to balance this with just returning from maternity leave. My confidence was at an all time low and I felt really disconnected.


I felt like a completely different person after our sessions. I don't feel imposter syndrome and I don't worry about getting found out for not being good enough. I feel confident and I've got some tools and strategies to rely on. I came away with a clear plan, goals and actions and had a few light bulb moments during the programme. The sessions allowed me to take my thoughts wherever I needed to but Lisa was skilled at pulling me back, theming things and helping me connect the dots.


Overall the sessions were insightful and challenging. They made me realise the thought patterns I get into. It was very useful and time well spent. I'd recommend Lisa to anyone.

Empower and transform programme: About

Why work with me?

I've worked in HR, recruitment and talent development roles for nearly 20 years - my roles have included all aspects of career development from attraction, onboarding, performance, learning, coaching, feedback, engagement, culture, reward and retention.


I've worked within the public, private and charity sectors. I have led teams of talented people and I have delivered large scale projects and programmes. I have worked both in-house and as a self-employed consultant. 

Helping people grow, prioritise their wellbeing, shift their mindset and reach their full potential to create more joyful lives is my super power.

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