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Restore, Reconnect & Revive
12 week 1:1 coaching programme

A 3 month, nurturing space for you to step off the treadmill, reconnect to yourself and what's important to you, enhance your wellbeing and create meaningful change that aligns completely with the most important person in your life, you  ~ inspired by nature and seasonal living

Image by Ainsley Myles


  • You're feeling lost and not completely sure who you are anymore

  • You’ve been so engrossed in life (whether that be work, family, kids and/or caring) that you’ve forgotten about you

  • You've achieved all the things you set out to achieve in life but you still feel there's something missing

  • You feel flat and like you've lost your sparkle

  • You’re operating on autopilot, going through the motions just letting life happen to you

  • You know there’s so much more to life but you’ve been disconnected for so long, you don’t even know what you want anymore

  • You'd love to have more time for yourself, to really look after yourself and your wellbeing but there are so many plates to spin you never manage to properly prioritise yourself - you just know how much better you'd feel if you could do this

  • You have a deep craving to connect with yourself again

  • You want to feel joy and feel that spark you know is inside again

  • You want to feel a sense of purpose and to feel connected with nature and your place in the world

  • You want to put yourself and your happiness back on the priority list

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it would be my honour to guide and support you, and to facilitate a transformation in your life.

Empower and transform programme: About

  Are you ready to feel inspired, energised, confident and joyful?  

To have someone by your side to provide you with 1:1 support, guidance and encouragement whilst you reconnect with yourself and what's most important, and move towards a life that fulfilsinspires and excites you?

I am here to provide a calm nurturing space to guide you through a process of self-knowledge to reconnect you with yourself and what a joyful, fulfilled life looks like for you. Together we'll create a vision, set courageous goals that feel meaningful to you, work through any barriers that are getting in your way, manage external pressures and set you on the path to achieving your dreams through building confidence, self-belief and the right mindset. We'll touch on the past, present and future, making sure you fully understand yourself and all the things you need to boost your wellbeing and truly thrive.


Wellbeingnature connection and seasonal living are at the heart of my approach. You'll learn so much about yourself, and have a range of tools and techniques to go away with that you can rely on.

Image by Ainsley Myles




Tashya came to me lacking in confidence, having a harsh inner critic, feeling anxious about social occasions, not making time for herself, putting other people first and harbouring resentment from it, and with low self-confidence and self-esteem.

A few months after the programme she reported having the calmest, most stable year of her life having made a self-commitment to put her mental health and wellbeing first, and sticking to the healthy habits she'd put into place. She was being much kinder to herself, doing things on her own, taking accountability and being more proactive to do the things she loves and that bring her joy.

Here's what she said:

"THANK YOU for all your coaching and guidance these past few months.


I really got so much out of our sessions and the times in between, reflecting on what we’d discussed and the actions you’d suggested. For the first time in a long time I’m giving myself permission to dream about and be excited for the future. I believe I can actually achieve the things I set out to do and I’m able to see my own worth, changing that unkind internal narrative I’ve embedded in myself over the last 20+ years. 


I had lunch with a friend this weekend and she messaged me after to say how peaceful and happy I seemed in myself and that she hoped one day she’d be that content. It really struck me how far I’ve come and how beautiful it is people can see the changes in me already. 


You’re extremely warm and approachable which made sharing my thoughts/worries and being completely open & vulnerable so easy - I left feeling really fulfilled and supported after each session. I still can’t believe how far I’ve come in the short time we had together - a real testament to your skills and passion for coaching! 


I’m so excited about the future and taking my learnings / new habits forward . I’ll definitely keep you updated and I’ll definitely be at the seasonal workshops too."

Empower and transform programme: About

 What I believe is possible 

As a society it has become the norm to be on the treadmill of life and it’s no wonder that so many of us feel stressed, burnt-out and overwhelmed. We’re so busy getting through the day to day, we don’t have time to stop and think about the things that really matter to us on a deeper level.


It doesn’t have to be like this.


This is an opportunity to stop, pause and get off the treadmill. I will give you the time and space to be listened toheard and validated. I have been there and I have the lived experience, the professional qualifications and expertise to guide you in an evidence based way through a deeply personal transformation.


  It IS possible to feel joy, connection and balance again  

  It is possible to make empowered choices to be the architect of a life you love  


  Hi, I'm Lisa  

I'm a mum of two, I like all things nature and a good cup of tea.

A few years ago I started to notice that my inner world didn’t reflect how I thought I “should” feel. I had a nice life on paper but it didn't feel that way. I was struggling to live up to the high expectations I’d set myself, I was struggling with the transition to motherhood and what my new identity was. I was trying hard to be good at everything and being really hard on myself about it. I was working hard in my corporate career, trying to be a good mum, keeping up with family, friends, my social life, keeping other people happy and all the things in between.


My own wellbeing and happiness was at the bottom of the pile and it started to have an impact.  I was overwhelmed and my inner critic was really negative. I didn’t feel like I knew myself any more and I was struggling to find joy. On the outside things didn't seem any different. On the inside it was a whole different story. Eventually I was diagnosed with burnout and postnatal depression.


I knew I wanted things to change and to feel like myself again, to feel more happy, joyful and fulfilled. The problem was, I didn't know what that looked like for me. I wasn't my old self, things had changed and shifted, I didn't fit into the old version of me.  It was like a jigsaw puzzle had been thrown into the air and the pieces didn't fit back together any more.


I realised that I had an opportunity. To shape who I was becoming and create a life I love, instead of bumbling through, letting my life and circumstances shape me. 

You CAN put yourself first and live life in alignment with what's important to you. 

Image by Ainsley Myles




After the free 30 minute discovery call Carolyn felt a huge weight had been lifted after chatting through some of her challenges and having someone there to listen, validate and offer support

Carolyn came to coaching as she was feeling apprehensive about her upcoming retirement. She'd made her life revolve around her work and she didn't have a clear sense of self outside this.  She'd been feeling a flat 4 out of 10 for the last few years and wanted to improve her wellbeing. She felt tightly sprung and like she had a negative mindset. She said a miracle had happened as she'd let go of a lot of past hurt that she'd been carrying around for 30 years. Carolyn reflected she'd gone from feeling flat for years, to feeling great since starting coaching. Carolyn is looking forward to the future and her retirement, something she'd been very apprehensive about which is why she came to coaching. Carolyn reported that her mindset had improved and she was feeling much more relaxed, calm and content. A few months on Carolyn is loving her retirement and is doing things she didn't have the confidence to do before like joining new groups, attending cookery classes, exercise classes, and doing things by herself.

Here's what she said:

"I feel so much better inside. My inner critic and the chatter in my mind has got quieter and I'm now able to notice these things more mindfully rather than dwell on them.


I was so self-conscious before and had a huge fear of judgement. I feel like I can let my guard down and be my true self. I have a new found confidence.

I've had so many lightbulb moments, particularly that holding onto the past has had a massive impact on my wellbeing for years. You helped me see this and finally let it go. That feels like a miracle


The whole experience has been so freeing. I feel at peace and I'm excited about my next chapter.


My biggest takeaway is that there's nothing wrong with me!

It's been time well spent and well worth the value for money. For anyone considering coaching with you, I'd say do it. Especially if you've spent your life doubting yourself. I wish I'd done it years ago."

Empower and transform programme: About

  My approach  

After I decided to make a change and improve my wellbeing, I started down my own path of self-discovery and personal development.

I had many years of work experience at a senior level, leading teams, teaching, guiding and coaching others to learngrow and develop in the corporate world, so luckily I had a toolkit of teachings and strategies to rely on as a starting point.

I made a commitment to put myself and my wellbeing first, here's what I learnt:

  • I learnt to go inward, to stop being distracted by busyness, doing and achieving. I learnt to listen to my intuition, connect to myself on a deeper level and found healing in nature and becoming still.

  • I found Seasonal Living and learnt to be in tune with the seasons and cycles of life, using nature as a guide for how I live.

  • I learnt how to understand and process my emotions, past experiences and how to reduce and manage stressors.

  • I learnt how to use nature, herbal medicine, nutrition, movement, breathwork, meditation, essential oils, rituals and self-care practices to support me and my family's wellbeing and to regulate our nervous systems.

  • I learnt about my coping mechanisms, which ones weren't working for me any more, and found new, healthier coping mechanisms.

  • I learnt to stop caring what other people think of me and letting this hold me back.

  • I learnt what my values are, what matters to me, what makes me happy, what brings me joy, what energises me, and how to hold boundaries to protect my wellbeing and peace

  • I've redefined what success means to me.

  • I learnt to be fearless in pursuit of what sets my soul on fire. To take brave and courageous steps towards the life I want to live.

Now I'm freer, I'm more connected to myself than ever. I have developed a strong sense of inner strength, resilience, self-love, self-kindness and self-compassion. My soul feels nourished.


Fast forward a few years and I have built a life that is completely ME, it lights me up, fulfils me, gives me meaning and is aligned with my strengths and passions.

I set up my company Grow with Solis to bring together my career experience and qualifications, my lived experience and my passion for helping others prioritise their wellbeing and not only survive but truly thrive. Whatever that looks like for you. I'm here to help you work it out and move towards it. 

I still have ups and downs, my life is still chaotic sometimes, I still have the whole range of emotions going on, self-doubt creeps in, my inner critic is still there, I still have anxious thoughts - but I know exactly what I need to do to manage these and be gentle with myself. I'm embracing being a perfectly imperfect human and it's so empowering.


By the end of this 12 week programme you will:

  • Reset your mind, body and spirit - feel calm, nourished and boost your wellbeing

  • Feel and see the results of reconnecting with and deeply understanding yourself - know who you really are, what you want in your life, what makes you tick, your purpose, strengths, values, dreams and place in the world

  • Understand how your past experiences have shaped you, the cycles and patterns you get into and the barriers you face so you can heal, let go of anything that is no longer serving you and overcome challenges

  • Learn techniques to help you be calm, in the present moment, experience joy, and adopt a more positive mindset

  • ​Have a vision for the future that excites and energises you

  • Be clear on your short, medium and long terms goals, and the steps you need to take in order to get there. Taking brave and courageous action to live life in alignment with who you really are

  • A clear sense of self and a new found inner confidence

  • Be clear on your wants and needs and feel confident in advocating for yourself, putting yourself first and holding boundaries

  • You will be excited about the possibilities in front of you

    This powerful transformation will have a ripple effect on everything around you - you, your work, your family, your relationships, your decisions and your life choices


People I typically work with are going through a transition in their life and want to embrace the shift into a new season:


  • ​Mum's finding their identity after the transition into motherhood

  • People coming up to retirement and wanting to make the best of life

  • People settling into life after their kids have flown the nest and wanting a new lease of life

  • People who are being made redundant, or have been made redundant and are working out what's next

  • Those who are unhappy in their jobs - they may be stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed, bored, demotivated, disillusioned or feeling stuck

  • Those wanting to take brave and courageous steps towards a different life, career or way of being

  • People who are overwhelmed with family life and the associated mental load

  • Those feeling like there’s more to life than the situation they're currently in

  • People who are feeling flat and wanting to give their wellbeing a boost - to be more comfortable, content and confident

  • People looking to connect with nature and find simpler ways to live, as a way of connecting with themselves and their place in the world

  • Anyone interested in exploring seasonal living and learning more about incorporating it into their everyday life

So far, I have seen my clients:

  • Quit their well paid but unfulfilling jobs

  • Start new businesses

  • Get promoted

  • Get paid more

  • Improve their work-life balance

  • Skyrocket self-esteem and confidence

  • Get out of their comfort zone to do something they’ve always wanted to

  • Start new hobbies

  • Get clarity on a longstanding issue

  • Make decisions that are best of them

  • Let go of fear and judgement

  • Massively improve their health and wellbeing

  • Create new habits and remove barriers

  • Let go of past hurts

  • Adopt a more positive mindset

  • Practically organise themselves 

  • Have open and honest conversations and advocate for themselves

  • Build more self compassion

  • Get out of a rut

  • Accept themselves and be content with being perfectly imperfect

  • Find a sense of joy in life again

  • Get clear on where they're headed, being the architect of a life they love rather than letting life happen to them


Each session will be specifically tailored to your unique needs, your story and your situation. Together we will…


  • Reset your nervous system using breathwork and calming techniques, bringing you into a more relaxed, grounded and present state, then from this place we can focus on the magic

  • Identify where you are, where you want to be and the steps needed to get you there

  • Tap into my years of professional knowledge and experience of personal development to educate and guide and inspire you to deeply understand yourself

  • Teach you a range of useful, practical and effective tools, techniques and strategies you can rely on in future

  • Understand your unique skills, strengths and passions and how you can incorporate these into your life and/or career for ultimate satisfaction, motivation and fulfilment

  • Uncover what you don’t want, identify the things that take you away from yourself and drain your energy, your physical and mental health

  • Understand your values and what is important to you in life and apply them to make decisions to create a life aligned with them

  • Create a vision and a plan to work towards

  • Build daily habits and actions that put the theory into practice to achieve real change

  • Figure out what energises you and lights you up

  • Build resilience

  • Learn how to develop a positive mindset (yes it can be learned!)

  • Lean how to let go, say no and hold firm boundaries

  • Stay strong, rooted and grounded in who you are and feel confident to stay on your path

  • Understand how to harness nature and seasonal living, knowing when to take bold action and when to rest - this will boost your energy levels and productivity whilst ensuring you don't burn out

  • Go deep - no superficial, surface level conversations here. We're going to go there, we'll peel back the many layers of your conscious and subconscious, unravel your story, conditioning, emotions and limiting beliefs


I will give you the tools, techniques, the plan, the mindset and the confidence to not only achieve but to flourish, thrive and feel that excited spark within.


  Pay in full:  
(Valued at £1650 for individual sessions)
  Pay in instalments:  
3 payments of £250 per month

Invest in yourself and reignite your passion for life



  • A welcome gift to nourish you and set you up for success

  • A pre-coaching questionnaire and wellbeing audit to help you find clarity on what changes you'd like to make and where to start


  • 9 hours of 1:1 coaching (over 6 sessions) using my unique 3 step approach

  • Each session will start or end with a guided breath-work exercise to ground you and give you a sense of peace and calm

  • Email follow up after each session with suggested activities specific to you, to complete in between (these might include things like workbooks, journaling, meditations, reading an article, listening to a podcast, having a conversation with someone). You get to decide how much time you have to spend in between sessions on these activities (sent within 48hrs of the session)

  • Email support/whatsapp messages in between sessions (optional)

  • Post-coaching recommendations to keep you on track

  • 30 minute check in calls 3 and 6 months after the programme has ended

  • Complimentary access to my online seasonal wellbeing workshops that take place each season for the duration of your coaching programme

  • For every person who signs up to this programme I'll make a donation to plant a tree at Smithills Woodland Trust or the National Trust. I aim to be an eco-conscious business with heart.


Before any coaching begins you'll have a free 30 minute consultation to explore what you'd like help with. We'll get to know each other, go through any questions you have and I'll talk you through how I can help you. If you decide to go ahead I'll go away and design a coaching programme tailored to your needs. Many people feel a huge sense of relief and excitement after this call.

Image by Nadine Shaabana


Your self-discovery starts with a pre-coaching questionnaire and wellbeing audit which you'll complete before your first coaching session begins.

During this 2 hour RESET & RESTORE session we'll begin with a breath-work meditation to bring you peace, calm and grounding. If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed or burnt-out we'll focus bringing balance and restoration to your nervous system.


We'll then go through your questionnaire and audit, uncover your truth, what you want from life, explore who you are becoming, what’s possible for you, clarify your goals and define what’s getting in your way.

I'll recommend some practices based on your needs and unique situation that you can do in between sessions to continue restoring and nourishing.

Image by Charlotte Coneybeer


In 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions bespoke to your needs, we'll deep dive into your inner world to unravel your personal story and RECONNECT you, with you. We'll start or end each session with a breath-work meditation to continue giving you time out to relax and restore.


We'll explore how you can find inner peace and wellbeing to enable you to unlock your potential, and find more happiness and joy. 

You'll understand your passions, strengths, values, desires, the path you want to take and tap into your intuition. You'll also understand your triggers and fears, overcome limiting beliefs and release negative emotions so you can be free to live beyond self doubt.


You'll learn the wellbeing techniques that are best for you, that you can put into place and continue to use after the programme.

Emerge with clarity, unshakeable confidence and inner-strength. You'll have courage and be empowered to be unapologetically you. 

Image by Patrick


In this 1 hour REVIVE session we'll review the transformation that's taken place and how you'll move forward in the world with your new found peace, calm and confidence.


You'll go away excited for the future, knowing the techniques and strategies that are best for you and your wellbeing, define your personal action plan and how you’ll hold yourself accountable.


At the end of this programme you will have awakened the brilliance in you so that your inner light can spill over every surface of your life and all of those around you. 

Empower and transform programme: Services

Ways we can work together


Walking coaching

In a local nature spot in or around Perthshire/Angus.


Research shows that being immersed in nature is good for our mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing.

We'll take a gentle stroll whilst talking and connecting with nature along the way.



We'll meet for an online video call, perfect for those who don't live nearby, or for anyone who prefers to talk from the comfort of their own space. 

If we're meeting online I'll send you my free guide on creating a cosy space from wherever you are, and I'll pop some herbal teas in the post for you.

*some clients choose to do a mix of in-person and walking sessions, or a mix of all three



I'm going to be bold here. I'm really good at what I do. I firmly believe my offer is unique and I offer a huge return on your investment through the transformation I provide. 

The combination of:


  • my lived experience and in-depth knowledge of wellbeing, seasonal living and personal development

  • my 20 year career in educating and coaching people in the corporate world to be their best

  • the leadership positions I have held in the corporate world - growing, developing, inspiring and motivating talented teams

  • the extensive coaching qualifications, training and CPD I have undertaken. I have completed an ILM5 qualification in Coaching and Mentoring which is equivalent to a postgraduate diploma, an ILM7 qualification in Executive and Leadership Coaching which is equivalent to a masters degree and is the highest level of coaching qualification you can get

  • I also have qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (at master practitioner level), psychometrics, a Chartered Institute of Personnel Development higher diploma, and a BSc Hons degree in Business and Human Resource Management

  • My coaching accreditation with the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) at Senior Practitioner level which recognises my in-depth qualifications and the many hours of coaching practice I have undertaken. This is renewed and revalidated annually.

My personal values are:

Deep connection - to myself, to others and to nature

Growth - supporting myself and others to learn, develop, gain knowledge and be inspired

Wellbeing - supporting myself and others to nourish our mind, body & spirit, find joy, balance and a sense of wellbeing, feeling content, healthy, self-assured and confident

Achievement - living a meaningful life, redefining my own version of success, aligning my life and business to my values and helping others to do the same

Adventure - trying new things, being curious, having fun, creativity, willingness to take risks, being courageous, freedom and autonomy

My strengths are:

Kindness, nurturing, curiosity, compassion, calmness, deep listening, encouraging, positive, supportive, gently challenging, intuitive & thoughtful

My passions are:

Supporting, guiding and inspiring others to find their own version of fulfilment and joy, using seasonal living and nature to boost our health and wellbeing and guide us through the seasons of our own lives

This powerful blend gives me what I call my superpowers. My magic. And I will bring all of this all to you and our coaching relationship.

I know the pressures the modern world puts you under and I'm experienced in helping people like you. I'll be your biggest cheerleader and will help you awaken and believe in the brilliance in you.

Every client is different and I'll adapt my coaching to suit your needs. I'm experienced in different coaching and self-development methods and tools so you can expect an experience that's tailored to you.

I'll work with you on all levels so we'll peel back the many layers of your conscious and subconscious, and be mindful of how all of this affects not just your mind but your body too. 

I believe in working with you as a whole person and will create a calm, safe space where all of your personal challenges and emotions are welcome.


Sessions can be held during the week or in the evening. Once you signup you'll be able to access my calendar and book sessions to suit your schedule and needs.


The best way to find out if this is a good fit for you is to book in a free, no obligation discovery call (by clicking the blue button below). This won't be salesy at all, I find that totally cringeworthy! It's a chance for us to get to know each other and explore what you'd like to get help with. If we're a good fit and I'm certain I can help, you can go away and think about whether it feels like a good investment for you. 


If you decide to go ahead after our call that's amazing. If not you'll have had a valuable and worthwhile conversation.

You can also take a look at my Frequently Asked Questions page

Have a nosy at my About Me section

Drop me an email with any other questions at

Not quite ready to commit to a full programme?​

If you’re not ready to go ‘all in’ and commit to a full programme just yet, I offer a 2 hour Wellbeing Reset for £200. This covers just the first section of the full 12 week programme. We'll review all areas of your life, look at any imbalances and how you can address these to enhance all other areas. 

Click the pink button below to book this service:


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