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Summer Reset

Mini Coaching Programme

The Summer Reset is for overthinkers who are tired of the never ending merry-go-round of thoughts in their head making them exhausted, who want to untangle the web and create some space so they can feel lighter, freer and calmer, leave some things in the past, and learn some techniques for taming the internal chatter, being kinder to themselves and cultivating a more positive mindset going forwards.

Image by Taiga Ishii

    THIS IS FOR YOU IF...    

  • You have a tendency to over-worry and ruminate over things

  • You have a harsh inner critic

  • You seek reassurance from others about decisions, opinions or actions

  • You overanalyse conversations and social situations

  • You struggle in some of your relationships

  • You process things best by talking and would like someone impartial, professional and non-judgemental to listen and guide you

  • You may experience anxiety, stress, lack of confidence and/or self-doubt

  • You don't want to commit to a longer coaching programme, for time, cost or other reasons, and you want some quicker, dedicated support with your overthinking

Empower and transform programme: About

 Are you ready to give your brain a break?  

To have someone listen deeply whilst you offload the thoughts in your head?

To help you draw a line under the thoughts that are circling around your mind so you can leave them in the past and move forwards into the new season lighter and freer?

To help you see your thought patterns and how these influence your behaviours in a kind and gentle way?

To give you some tools, techniques and tricks to create a more positive mindset for the future?

You spend so much time in your head, I'll help you make sure it's a nice place to be. 





  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to enhance your self-awareness before our coaching sessions, and to help me to gain a deeper understanding of where you're at before we meet

  • 90 minute coaching session to help you untangle and offload the thoughts in your head, gain clarity, learn some strategies to help with overthinking, and for you to create a feel good action plan for the next month

  • an email follow up from me, summarising our session, with some personalised recommendations for you to explore

  • 30 minute coaching session 4 weeks after, to check-in, keep you accountable and offer any other guidance and support you need. We'll also agree a plan for you going forwards.

I'll share my knowledge and experience of personal development, mindset and wellbeing.

A little extra freebie...I'll send you a guided meditation you can keep and do as many times as you like, whenever you like.


   Why I'm the Coach for you   

  • I’m qualified, accredited and experienced (10 years coaching and 20 years learning & talent development career)

  • I’ve been where you are now

  • I’ve done all the training & research, read all the books and listened to all the podcasts so you don’t have to

  • I will listen to you and make recommendations bespoke to your unique needs and situation, saving you time and energy

  • I provide a calm, nurturing and non-judgemental space with 1:1 support, guidance and encouragement

The investment?



Once you sign up you'll be able to access my calendar and book your 90 minute session to suit your schedule and needs. You'll need to pay in full to be able to book your slot in with me. After you've booked and paid you'll automatically receive your questionnaire along with a Zoom link for us to meet online.

We'll arrange a time for your 30 minute follow up during your first coaching session.

We'll meet online for the 90 minute session.


We can schedule a walking coaching session for your 30 minute check-in, held over the phone instead of Zoom.

Image by Taiga Ishii
Image by Taiga Ishii

    This is the perfect way to reset over     summer so you can feel calm, at peace, and     ready to embrace the months ahead…        

Empower and transform programme: About
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