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In the Press - Bolton women turn mental health struggles into wellbeing venture

I was featured in the Bolton News about my collaboration with with my friends Emma & Kim. Together we're called InToto Living and we offer wellbeing retreats and workshops.

Here's what was written:

Three Bolton women have turned their mental health struggles into a series of workshops for others facing mental health challenges.

During lockdown in 2021, friends Emma Limtek, Kim Waites, and Lisa Swiatek, came together to offer workshops, sessions and retreats to support others deal with their own mental health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing coach

Lisa, a Wellbeing Coach found lockdown challenging as she was on maternity leave, looking after two young children. She added: “It was a different maternity leave than what I expected, I was really burnt out. As friends, we came together to support each other during the pandemic. When people are really busy there’s usually no time to stop and put yourself first, so these workshops help ground you and bring you back to the present moment, which puts you and your wellbeing first" This provides everyone with a chance to meet up with like minded people, take a break from their day to day lives, and experience something different.

Lisa has worked in learning and development roles for 18 years, and she wanted to bring those skills across to her Solis Coaching work.

There are a range of different classes run by the friends, including cold water therapy led by Emma at The Chilly Dippers, and mindfulness art sessions with Kim from Skuret Art.

The three have come together as InToto Living and offer Seasonal Retreat Days in the North West and typically include a nature walk, breath-work, cold water immersion, wood fired hot tubs, seasonal living and journalling workshops, as well as botanic art and craft sessions as well as nutritious food and drinks.

Take a look at my events page for our upcoming retreats and events:

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