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Your guide to the Autumn Equinox and Mabon

As a wellbeing coach, I always find joy in harnessing the power of seasonal living to foster a deeper connection with nature and myself. I love helping others do the same and this is the reason I set up my business Grow with Solis.

Today, I'm excited to share with you the magic of the Autumn Equinox and Mabon.

As the vibrant colours, heat and light of summer begin to mellow into the warm, earthy tones of autumn, the air cools, the light dwindles and we find ourselves at the cusp of a significant seasonal transition—the Autumn Equinox and the celebration of Mabon.

The equinox marks the balance of day and night being equal and it’s the perfect time to stop and reflect on balance in our own lives.

Mabon, also known as the Witch's Thanksgiving, is a festival celebrated around the Autumn Equinox to honor the second harvest and give thanks for the gifts of the Earth. This festival encourages us to reconnect with our roots and the ancient traditions of seasonal living.

Embracing Seasonal Living

Each season brings it’s own energy, themes and lessons for us to take inspiration from in our own lives.

The Seasonal Wheel of the Year gives us moments of reflection and celebration every 6 weeks which help us reflect on the ever-changing tapestry of life and nature, reminding us that each season has its unique beauty and lessons to offer.

Autumn is a magical season of transformation and balance.

Autumn’s seasonal energy encourages you to come back to yourself and focus your attention inward.

Autumn is about reflecting on what your inner self needs to feel balanced and aligned. It’s for checking in with yourself, slowly becoming more introspective. It’s the time to start slowing down, taking stock, shedding, letting things go and focusing on your home and family.

Give yourself permission to slow down, rest, say no, properly experience and feel your emotions, and let stuff go. It’s so tempting to resist this and power through, but your heart and soul are yearning for this and as the saying goes, resistance is futile!

Here are 10 things to focus on this Autumn to boost your wellbeing and energy

1. Balance and simplicity

Just as the equinox is about balance, this is a perfect time to assess your work-life balance, personal relationships, and overall wellbeing where balance may be lacking and take steps to restore it. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, out of sorts, or just ready for a reset this is the perfect time. Where do you feel overwhelmed? What feels untethered or a bit out of control right now?

Embracing Simplicity: Autumn and Winter are Yin energy seasons (Spring and Summer are Yang). Yin energy encourages simplicity and minimalism. Going back to basics with healthy habits and routines and focusing on the essentials is key.

2. Focus on the home

In preparation for spending more time indoors, it’s a good time to focus on your home.

  • Embrace Hygge:

Embrace the Danish concept of "hygge," which embodies cosziness and contentment. Create warm and inviting indoor spaces with soft blankets, candles, and comforting decor. Spending time in a cozy environment can boost your mood and reduce stress.

  • Aromatherapy and Candles:

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with autumn-scented candles and essential oils. Candle scents like cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin spice can evoke the cozy feeling of the season and promote relaxation. For essential oils use cedarwood, pine or rosemary which are all earthy scents which are very grounding.

  • Seasonal Decor:

Decorating your home with autumn-themed decor and colour can add a sense of warmth to your space. Consider placing pumpkins, autumn leaves, and rustic decorations around your home. Why not make an Autumnal wreath with foraged items that you find?

  • Fireside Moments:

If you have access to a fireplace or wood-burning stove, spend some time sitting by the fire. The warmth and crackling sounds create a cozy ambiance that's perfect for relaxation.

3. Letting go:

In nature, autumn is a season of shedding. Trees release their leaves, plants go dormant, and the Earth prepares for the stillness of winter. Similarly, the Autumn Equinox invites us to let go of what no longer serves us. Whether that’s something from the past, a belief, an experience, a relationship, an unhealthy coping mechanism, being hard on yourself, feeling guilty, putting yourself last – anything at all.

4. Connection with Nature:

Autumn shows us the beauty in the natural world. The vibrant colours of falling leaves, the crispness of the air, and the changing landscapes all invite us to connect with nature, immerse ourselves in the sensory experiences . Nature has such a profound effect on us mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. It can be easy to want to stay cosy indoors in the colder darker months but it’s important we embrace the weather and get outside as much as we can.

Spend time in nature, whether it's hiking through colorful forests, apple picking at an orchard, or simply strolling through a park. Observe the changing landscape and the beauty of the autumnal scenery. Tune into your 5 senses for an extra dose of mindfulness and presence.

5. Daylight Exposure:

Make an effort to get some exposure to natural daylight, even on cloudy days. Take short walks during your lunch break or open your curtains wide to let in as much light as possible. Daylight exposure can help regulate your sleep-wake cycle, boost mood and give us that all important Vitamin D. Other ways you can increase your Vitamin D intake is through foods like mushrooms, oily fish, eggs, plant milk, oranges and supplements.

6. Seasonal eating:

Focus on nourishing, warming foods. Incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables into your meals. Soups, stews, and herbal teas can be especially comforting during autumn.

In the UK, things that are in season in Autumn include: apple, blackberry, squashes, sprouts, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, kale, leek, pear, potatp, broccoli, spinach and root veg.


Autumn is perfect for foraging! Look out for Hazelnuts, rosehips, elderberry & rowan

Using warming herbs and spices such as cayenne, cloves, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, thyme, oregano, garlic & nutmeg.

Add dried fruits, seeds and nuts which can bring additional health benefits perfect for this time.

Whilst we’re on the subject of food – make sure you keep hydrated to support your system! Drink a big glass in the morning as we lose so much - chai tea, turmeric latte, licorise root are good.

7. Prioritise sleep and rest

Reclaim your sleep! Your best, rested self is an act of self care. Take a look a my blog on sleep to improve yours.

Rest (not just the sleep kind) is also really important and is a key theme of Autumn. We don’t allow ourselves to properly rest and we need to reframe our relationship with it. As the saying goes, to do your best you need to rest.

Autumn's transition from the active yang energy of summer to the more passive yin energy helps restore balance. It's a reminder that life is cyclical, and rest is essential after periods of activity.

We have a tendency to fill our lives with being busy, productive and switched on all the time. We feel guilty when we’re resting, and like we’re being lazy or unproductive.

We also have so many distractions that we don’t give ourselves chance to properly switch off.

Your body is always being productive even when you're not.

If you don't give yourself time to rest your body will force you to do it through illness or burnout.

8. Stay Social:

Maintain your social connections, even when it's tempting to hibernate indoors. As humans we're wired for human connection. Plan indoor gatherings with friends and family, enjoy board games, movie nights, or simply share a meal together. Social interactions are crucial for emotional wellbeing.

9. Up the self-care

Taking care of your wellbeing during autumn, especially when the weather turns cold and dark, is essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Here's some ideas to help you:

  • It’s time to get out your journal and turn your attention inwards. Prioritise time for yourself, reconnecting with you. There are some journal prompts below to help you with this. Why not download my free 14 day Self-Connection Journaling guide?

  • Dedicate time to mindfulness or meditation practices. These can help reduce stress and increase mental clarity. You can find guided sessions online or use meditation apps

  • Adjust your skincare routine to accommodate the drier air and central heating. Use moisturiser, lip balm and masks to prevent dry skin and chapped lips. Here's your permission to book a hot stone massage or head to the sauna.

  • Plan enjoyable indoor activities that you look forward to. Whether it's learning a new hobby, diving into a good book series, or working on a creative project, having something to anticipate can lift your spirits.

  • Create a cozy reading nook with a comfortable chair or cushions, good lighting, and a stack of books you've been wanting to read. Autumn is an ideal time to lose yourself in a captivating story.

  • Engage in creative activities like painting, knitting, or crafting. Autumn-inspired projects, such as making wreaths or painting seasonal scenes, can be both therapeutic and enjoyable.

  • Consider taking occasional breaks from screens and social media. Disconnecting from the digital world can help you be more present and reduce stress.

  • Incorporate a gratitude ritual into your daily routine. Write down or simply think about the things you're thankful for

10. Move your body

Maintain balance by not only staying cosy and resting but making sure you're still moving. You might want to switch up your activities and do more indoor exercise like yoga, pilates, online hiit classes, walking or whatever you love to do.

Mabon: The Festival of Thanksgiving

How you can celebrate Mabon

Feast and Share:

Gather with loved ones to share a meal featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables. Embrace the spirit of community and togetherness. Take a look at my Autumn Recipes that make the most of seasonal ingredients.

Rituals and Reflection:

Consider participating in rituals or practices that resonate with you. Lighting candles, making an altar on a mantlepiece or windowsill, or performing a simple meditation can help you connect with the spiritual significance of the season.

Autumn journal prompts

  • Where do things feel out of balance or off-kilter right now?

  • What are the most significant accomplishments and milestones I've achieved this year?

  • What personal growth or lessons have I gained from these achievements?

  • How can I express gratitude for the abundance in my life?

  • What emotions, habits, or attachments do I need to let go of to move forward?

  • What physical or emotional clutter can I clear from my life to create space for new opportunities?

  • How can I embrace the restful and introspective qualities of autumn in my daily life?

  • What self-care practices can I incorporate to nourish my inner self during this season?

  • What activities help me relax, recharge, and maintain balance in my life?

  • What specific intentions or goals can I set for achieving balance in my life this autumn?

  • How can I find a healthy equilibrium between work, relationships, and self-care?

  • What boundaries do I need to establish to maintain balance and focus on what matters most?

  • What areas of my life could benefit from more clarity and organization?

  • How can I ensure I stay hydrated and maintain good health during the drier autumn months?

  • What dietary changes can support my overall wellbeing and energy levels?

  • Are there any self-care practices I can adopt to boost my immune system and stay well?

  • Have I acknowledged and processed any grief or sadness in my life recently?

  • What healthy outlets or coping strategies can I use to navigate these emotions?

  • Are there any unresolved issues or relationships I need to address to find emotional closure?

  • What specific goals or intentions do I want to set for the upcoming season?

  • What steps can I take to ensure I stay motivated and focused on these goals?

Remember that autumn, with its changing colors and rhythms, can be a beautiful and introspective season. By prioritising self-care and adjusting your routines to suit the season, you can make the most of this time and maintain your wellbeing.

If you feel ready for a Reset in your life at this transitionary time of the year, I have just the thing for you.

The Reset (a 2 hour coaching intensive with before and after support)

Reset, Reconnect & Revive 3 month programme

Book in your free discovery call to find out more and see if we're a good fit.

If you find that the change in seasons significantly affects your mood or mental health, don't hesitate to seek professional help. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a real condition, and therapy or light therapy can be effective treatments.

Thanks for reading

I hope you're inspired and that you have a wonderful season ahead 🍂🧡

Love Lisa xxx

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