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Welcome to Grow with Solis
Training & Coaching Consultancy


Hello there

Hi I'm Lisa.


I believe that when businesses genuinely care about people and their wellbeing, they create happier, more fulfilled and productive employees.


When teams understand and align their values, strengths, personality and purpose with their work, it creates a truly thriving and high performance culture, which in turn impacts customer, business and financial success.

If you strive to be a business with heart, with a thriving culture for your people, I want to work with you. 


I will help you make an impact in your organisation. Together we will ensure your people enjoy better work lives, improve your culture, develop your key talent, improve staff retention, engagement and wellbeing.

How I can help your team thrive...

Specialist expertise

The topics I teach and coach on cover all aspects of:


  • wellbeing

  • personal development

  • career development

  • leadership

  • people and relationship skills (sometimes known as soft skills)

All of these things are interrelated.


Research shows there is a link between employee wellbeing, people skills and effectiveness. I have seen this first hand through my many years experience in HR, Learning & Talent roles, both as a consultant and as a leader.


People without the right skills and behaviours are less effective, less productive and less engaged. This has an impact on performance and costs businesses money in lost productivity, management and HR time, and in some cases re-hiring and training costs.


When people are able to do these things well they feel good, engaged, resilient, collaborative and ultimately their performance and impact is greater. This is mutually beneficial for both employees and the business.


These skills can be learned, developed and honed. This is where I come in and it's the reason I specialise in these areas.


Why work with me?

I've worked in HR, recruitment and talent development roles for nearly 20 years - my roles have included all aspects of career development from attraction, onboarding, performance, learning, coaching, feedback, engagement, culture, reward and retention.


I've worked within the public, private and charity sectors. I have led teams of talented people and I have delivered large scale projects and programmes. I have worked both in-house and as a self-employed consultant. 

Helping people grow, prioritise their wellbeing, shift their mindset and reach their full potential to create more joyful lives is my super power.


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