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What to do when it all feels too much: 2 simple steps

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I don’t know about you but when times get tough, it feels like things come in multiples.

Sayings like: things come in threes, or if it’s doesn’t rain it pours, or you wait ages for a bus and all of a sudden they come in convoy all feel very true. That’s probably to do with us noticing things more when the going gets tough.

What can you do when life feels too much?

When you feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired, running on fumes and have zero energy?

Strip it right back to basics

It’s true that self care and healthy habits are the first to go when life whacks us in the face.

So here are two absolute minimum, non-negotiables

1. keep hydrated

2. eat simple but nourishing food: think pimped up porridge, tinned fish, beans, eggs and frozen veg. Get yourself some basics in that you don't have to think about

Literally that’s it!

Get yourself and these basic needs on the top of your priority list.

If you can add some extra bits in like stopping to breathe deeply, fresh air, music, movement, do that too!

I like to prescribe myself some time in nature, getting grounded if I can manage it.

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