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Cycles of Life

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Seasonal living or cyclical living is about noticing and embracing nature's cycles, the season of life you're in, the moon's cycles and your monthly cycle (if you have one) along with the magic and beauty that comes with these moments.

It's being tuned in and using this as a guide for how you live. Not that long ago we would have been SO connected with nature and our own cycles and seasons. We would have had a deep knowing. Many people have lost this innate sense because of the way we live our lives today.

Seasonal living offers a way to rekindle our relationship with nature and ourselves. In the process, we can uncover the joy and beauty in the natural world, hidden in plain sight all around us.

We're moving through late Spring as I write, slowly shifting into summer.

Seasonal Living

An image showing what the energy of each season is calling us to do
Seasonal Living

Spring is for renewal, inspiration, vitality, creativity, new ideas and sewing seeds.

Summer is for being energetic, playful, active, productive and blooming

Autumn is for going inward, reflecting, preparing, checking in with yourself

Winter is for resting, nourishing and comfort

Seasons of life

An image showing an older lady and a young girl, depicting the seasons of our lives

Spring is age 0-25

Summer is age 25-45

Autumn is 45 - 65

Winter is 65+

Inner Seasons - Menstrual Cycle

Inner Winter is day 1-5 of your menstrual cycle (day 1 is the first day of your bleed)

Progesterone plunges, resulting in the break down and shedding of your womb’s lining – hello, period. Both oestrogen and progesterone are low. As well as bleeding, you may be have cramps. You may feel a sense of relief when your period starts. Your energy is at its lowest ebb and you may feel introverted and introspective.

Inner Spring is day 6-11 of your menstrual cycle

Levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) increase slightly, causing egg-containing follicles to develop. Oestrogen begins to increase but progesterone remains low. Your breasts may start to enlarge. Your skin will clear. The rise in oestrogen starts to lift your energy, mood and brain skills. You feel more confident, powerful and willing to take risks. You may feel more sensual.

Inner Summer is day 12-14 of your menstrual cycle

At the end of the follicular phase there’s an oestrogen surge, followed by a sharp peak in luteinising hormone (LH), which causes a follicle to burst open and release its egg – ovulation. Progesterone remains low. You’re at your most fertile and may want sex more. You may feel ovulation as a pain on one side of your abdomen. Your breasts are at their most perky and your skin glows. The oestrogen surge boosts all the positive effects you enjoyed during the last phase. You look and feel your most attractive and confident.

Inner Autumn is day 15-28 of your menstrual cycle

The follicle that released the egg produces progesterone, causing it to rise and thicken your womb lining. If you’re not pregnant, oestrogen and progesterone will drop and the womb lining will shed, so your period – your inner winter – comes around again. Your breasts might be tender and slightly swollen. If you’re prone to break outs, now’s the time those spots appear. As progesterone increases you might find your energy winding down. In the second week of the luteal phase you may feel PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) symptoms: mood swings, anxiety or irritability and cravings for comfort food.

Tracking your symptoms is a great way to start recognising monthly patterns in your body and mind – that way, you know what to expect and can take care your yourself at each phase.

Moon cycles

Image showing the phases of the moon cycles

New moon is the time to get clear on what you want to create, manifest, and put into motion in the coming lunar cycle

Waxing moon is for bringing your new moon dreams and intentions to life.

Full Moon brings a moment of completion and an honest check-in. Look back over the first half of the lunar cycle. Celebrate what worked and what you achieved and take an honest look at what didn’t and what you allowed to get in the way.

Waning moon is for letting go of all that stood in the way of achieving your dreams and intentions. Use the moon’s waning energy to let go of doubts, fears, people, situations, beliefs and anything that stood in your way.

Dark moon is the time to rest, pause, and take your awareness inwards. It’s really important at this part of the cycle that you take note of your emotions and what they are trying to show and signpost you to, as this will help set your intentions for the next lunar month.

Tuning into all of this gives your inner wisdom a boost and helps you feel your most vital. Your wellbeing will be at a high as you understand what your body and nature intends.

To learn more about the cycles of life, come along to one of my Seasonal Wellbeing Workshops. I offer them every quarter in-person and online.

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