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Your Inner World

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

What is my Inner World?

Your inner world is made up of your mind, body and spirit. All of these things are interconnected.

Your mind includes your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and how present you are. These things can be conscious (you're aware of them) or unconscious (you're not aware of them)

Your body includes your physical body, your health, your energy levels and how well nourished you are with sleep, movement, food and hydration.

Your spirit includes your passions, purpose, love, values, balance, connection with yourself, with others, with nature, your intuition and knowing you’re part of something bigger. Spirituality means different things to us all, so please feel free to add/remove whatever you fit into this category, these are just the things it means to me.

Why does it matter?

Your inner world affects your day to day functioning and the way you show up and operate in the external world. It also affects your success, goals, habits, relationships, wellbeing and happiness.

So often our inner world moves us away from and stops us achieving what we want to in life, and how we want to feel in life.

When your goals and your inner world are working well together, that’s where the magic happens. When the world changes inside you, the world changes around you.

I am living proof of this.

My own experience with my Inner World

When I had postnatal depression in 2019/2020, I was overwhelmed, burnt-out and felt like I didn’t have much left after making sure my little ones were looked after. I was running on fumes, worried that if something slightly stressful were to happen I wouldn’t be able to cope. I definitely wasn’t filling my cup back up so I could carry on giving, that’s the catch 22 with feeling so low, I just didn’t have the energy to do much other than looking after the kids.

When I finally acknowledged how I felt and decided I needed to get help and figure out how to make changes so I could feel better, I learnt to go inwards and tend to my inner world. I found stillness, journaling, meditation, yoga, cold water therapy, herbal medicine and a mix of therapy and coaching. Things I’d never kept up long enough to make a difference with always being so busy and switched on. These things quite literally changed my life from the inside out. My life probably doesn’t look too much different on the outside but inside I feel like a completely different person.

Can I transform my Inner World?

Yes! It's not easy but it's so worth it.

If you’d like to transform your inner world and get some of this magic for yourself, you can absolutely do that any time. It takes consistency, dedication, knowing where to start and experimenting to find the tools, techniques and practices that will work for you.

If you'd like to accelerate the speed and get some dedicated support from someone who is trained, experienced and can guide you through the exact things that will work for you, 1:1 coaching with me could be just what you need to transform your outer world.

I was a coach long before I had my own struggles with mental health, but now I have lived experience I can bring, not just the theories, models and experience from helping others. My coaching has taken a turn from helping people in their careers and pushing to perform and achieve goals, to more of a holistic approach where your wellbeing is first priority above all else.

You bring your goals and inner world, I'll bring the magic!

If you want to:

  • feel calmer

  • be more confident

  • develop a more positive mindset

  • trust in yourself

  • believe in yourself

  • build the healthy habits you need to take you forward

  • be the best version of you...

...I can help you. Get in touch with me for a free, 30 minute consultation to find out how coaching with me can help you. It won’t be a salesy call, that’s just not my style, I’ll genuinely help you untangle what’s in your head and get some clarity. There’s no hard feelings if you decide not to go ahead, you’ll have had a great 30 minute conversation and can go on your merry way! BUT it might just be exactly what you need to kick start your next chapter and creating a more ‘you’ shaped version of you.

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