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Corporate training & workshops that create space for learning, reflection and action planning for positive change to take place. I'll help you make a difference in your workplace

My workshops create space for reflection, learning and action planning for positive change to take place. Sessions are highly interactive, fun and engaging. As well as being informative and educational through theory, they give delegates chance to experience a pause from their busy lives and practice some techniques they can go away and use in every day life.

Topics I deliver are below. Click on the topic to find out more. 

Staff wellbeing

Compassionate leadership 

Feedback and courageous conversations

Navigating stress, burnout and finding balance

Confidence and assertiveness

Better decision making

Productivity and time management

Supporting pupil wellbeing (schools)

Bespoke workshops

Take a look at my Testimonials and Why Work with Me section below. 

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This session is a favourite among many of my clients. It will introduce you to the benefits of focussing on your wellbeing, introduce mindfulness and emotional awareness, steps you can take to look after yourself and focus on ways to integrate mindful awareness into every day practice.

As well as being informative and educational through theory, it gives delegates chance to experience a pause from their busy lives and practice some relaxation techniques they can go away and use in every day life. 

Available as a 2.5 hour or 3.5 hour workshop. 

The 2.5 hour workshop is perfect for after school twilight's if you're an education setting.

2.5 hours = £320

3.5 hours = £450



Giving and receiving feedback, and having conversations is easy when it involves positivity, praise and topics that are safe. It's not so easy when the feedback is of a constructive nature or topics feel uncomfortable to navigate. Being able to have these conversations well has a positive impact on wellbeing. When they go wrong it can negatively impact wellbeing. This session will introduce you to the value of engaging in feedback conversations, explore the skills and behaviours needed for effective feedback, give you some tools and models that can improve the quality of feedback, look at barriers that can get in the way and how you can overcome these.

2.5 hours = £350

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This session will help you understand stress and burnout, explore your own experiences, identify your personal sources of stress and their impact and develop a range of coping strategies that can help you and others. We'll then move on to look at how you can find more balance in your life.

2.5 hours = £350

School Children


Is pupil wellbeing high on your agenda? This course will introduce school staff to the benefits of wellbeing in the classroom including; emotional awareness, resilience and mindfulness. It will focus on ways to integrate mindful awareness into the classroom, examine where wellbeing sits within the ethos of a whole school approach and give a taster of useful exercises to take back to the classroom.

3.5 hours = £450

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Compassionate leadership is having the courage to lead with heart, humanity

and humility. Compassionate leaders role model that it's ok to be human, to be

your authentic self and to share your thoughts and feelings, and they encourage others to do the same. It's about cultivating real connections, trust, belonging, treating people well and doing the right thing. Gone are the days where work is all about hustle, productivity and performing as a version of yourself that you 'think you should'. If you care about how people feel when they come to work,

you want people to enjoy the work they do and create a culture where everyone

can thrive, this course is for you. It's not about shying away from hard things, it's

about doing hard things with heart.

1 day - £900



I'll work with you to design a bespoke workshop to suit your needs.

These can be from 1.5 hours to a few days, or delivered over a number of sessions as a programme.

Topics could cover:

- Wellbeing

- Mindfulness

- Resilience

- Healthy boundaries

- Navigating stress and burnout

- Giving and receiving feedback

- Having difficult conversations

- Seasonal living

- Finding balance

- Mindful movement

- Guided breathing exercises

- Meditation

- Group coaching

- Journaling practice

I also work with other facilitators who can provide:

- Mindful art

- Cold water therapy

- Yoga

If you have something in mind please get in touch. Prices start from £250 for a bespoke 1.5 hour session and vary depending on group size, location and timings.

Please get in touch for a no obligation phone call so I can understand more about your needs and I can put together a proposal and course outline for you to consider.

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1) "Thank you so much Lisa. I really enjoyed the wellbeing twilight last night. It

was very beneficial and I know staff will take away lots of the strategies you

suggested. I'll pass your details to my school cluster." Julie, Primary


2) "Thank you for tonight's wellbeing session. So many things came to light for

me and the team. It's made me feel confident going forward and taking time to prioritise myself. You were fantastic and delivered a great service from our first contact through to your follow up afterwards. We'll be booking you again. Thank you!" Cate, Head of Service

3) "Thanks for your amazing workshop, it really helped. You're very knowledgeable

and talented. You gave me lots of ideas I can take away to help myself." Emma,

Teaching Assistant

4) "Excellent session! I was very stressed before starting it and I'm much calmer

after." Rachael, Senior Leader




I’ve been working as a senior learning and development specialist and coach  in the corporate world for 18+ years. My background in Human Resources, Recruitment and Learning & Development brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in how to help people grow, develop, reach their potential and set themselves achievable and sustainable goals. I love helping people to feel and perform at their best and wellbeing is really important to me. I'm experienced in delivering workshops and coaching on a range of subjects, but wellbeing, people and relationship skills are a passion of mine. That's why I started my business Solis Wellbeing.

Every client is different. Whether you're choosing an off-the-shelf course or you want something more bespoke, I'll work with you to get a good understanding of your needs and adapt my approach to suit.

Outside of the workplace I have been practicing yoga and mindfulness for many years and I believe it's important we build practices into our daily live sto help keep us mentally well and resilient. I've navigated burnout and overwhelm personally so I have my own personal lived experience. I'm learning all the time and I know the difference prioritising our own wellbeing can make to us and all of those around us.


I’m qualified and accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

I've studied extensively and my qualifications include:

- ILM7 Diploma in Executive Coaching

- ILM5 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring

- Chartered Institute of Personnel Development CIPD Postgraduate Diploma

- BSc Hons Degree in Business & Human Resource Management

- NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner

I take part in regular training and CPD. Recent ones include:

- Cognitive Behaviour Coaching

- Compassion Focussed Coaching

- Brene Brown Dare to Lead

- Resilience

- Mindfulness

- Breathwork, meditation and mindful movement facilitator training

- Trauma and stress recovery

- Yoga Nidra Facilitator

I have regular coaching supervision to continually build my practice for my clients and I engage in regular training to stay at the cutting edge of coaching practice. I’m really curious and I never stop reading and learning new things which I’ll passon to you.

My style

I'm knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic about what I do and the subjects I train which shine through into my sessions. I have a relaxed and calm style, I'm approachable and I make what can sometimes be difficult subjects accessible.

Workplace wellbeing workshops: Services
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